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Immerse yourself in the stories of successful business owners living the global dream with our podcast. Join me every Wednesday for a journey with expats, international entrepreneurs, and solo talks uncovering the secrets to thriving across borders. Dive into a world of borderless business today! 

Sonja Slottke is German and currently 53 years old. Together with her husband Wolfgang, they live in the area of […]
Petra Ahmann is a freelance film producer. She grew up in the midwest of the US, but spent her entire […]
Kathleen Evans was an International Living subscriber back in the early 1990s, when she worked as a media sales executive, […]
Simon Cooper grew up in the English town of Dunstable, just a little to the north of London. After completing […]
Not all relocations are rainbows and butterflies. The truth is, very few are. Everyone has different experiences and different challenges. […]
Sergei Kostenko moved from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Cancun almost 6 years ago with his wife and 2-years child. Now […]
Cecilia has had a great journey so far. She is a Global Citizen that has lived in three countries already. […]
 Clifford Brown III planned to leave the USA, but due to a hurricane and his partner had to completely change […]
This week’s interview is with Bence Zákonyi, European broadcast journalist, pr and marketing expert, counselor of immigration, tax, international company […]
Welcome to the Global Citizen Life Podcast. Every Tuesday we will be posting an interview with experts and individuals that […]




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