Sally Pederson

International Living and Global Diversification Expert

Supporting All Expats - from newbies to seasoned global citizens - to successfully build Your Best Life Abroad


International Living and Global Diversification Expert Consultant. Embarking on a life overseas is an exciting adventure, filled with opportunities and challenges. 

Sally Pederson’s journey is a compelling narrative of achieving personal and professional transformation through a global lens. Her work not only reshapes the lives of those she directly influences but also inspires anyone aspiring to live a life defined by freedom, diversity, and strategic growth.

Sally empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to redefine success on a global scale. Her mission is a movement towards freedom, financial sovereignty, and a life unbound by geographical constraints. Sally champions the philosophy that one’s life and wealth should not be tethered to the whims of any single government, advocating for a life of choice, freedom, and a global citizen lifestyle.

As a four-time international expat, she is here to ensure your transition is not just successful, but truly fabulous in every aspect. Whether you’re contemplating the move or already in the process, let’s make your dream of living abroad a reality

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How I Can Help You

An Expresso 1-1 call

A 30-minute Zoom call about ONE topic of your choice. This is where you can book a 30 minute, one-to-one chat with me to work through one challenge you’re facing right now.

A Cappuccino 1-1 call

One hour on Zoom to talk about anything you want. This is where you can book a one hour, one-to-one appointment with me to work through challenges you’re facing right now. 

A European Lunch 1-1 call

We spend 3 hours together on Zoom going through your questions. Here we have more time to dive into challenges you have and put together a plan for you to achieve your goals.

Global Diversification

At Global Citizen Life we take a multi-jurisdictional approach to help you achieve your financial goals and desired lifestyle. Unlike other providers, we can handle tax planning both domestically and offshore, saving you the hassle of coordinating with multiple providers.​

Signature Mentorship

1-1 custom designed 6-month program. Limited Space


Embark on Your Path to Success Abroad

Leverage my extensive experience for a flourishing life in a new country.

With a wealth of knowledge, honed skills, and firsthand experiences, I offer unparalleled guidance and support. My approach is rooted in real-world insights, providing you with clear, actionable strategies specifically crafted to meet your unique challenges and aspirations.

Discover clarity amidst the complexity of relocation, navigate through any feelings of overwhelm, and embrace proactive measures to construct a vibrant and successful life overseas. Let’s transform your vision into reality, together.

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