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Take Control of Your Life: How to Transform Your Wildest Dreams into an Abroad Reality and Secure a Bright Future for You and Your Family

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Dear Fellow entrepreneur or retiree with a dream to move abroad,

You may not believe it now, but if you take the leap and follow your dreams, you will find that international living can provide you with a better life than you ever imagined.

Transform Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality – Discover How as an Entrepreneur Or Retiree You Can Make Your Dreams a Reality, No Matter Where You are Right Now!


You have a dream to move abroad and live the life you’ve always wanted, but you don’t know how to make it a reality. You want to become a global citizen, to experience a different culture and lifestyle, but politicians and governments seem to be standing in your way. You need to choose the right country, but people around you don’t share your vision. You have to figure out if the plan you’re following to reach your dream is actually going to work.


But the biggest roadblock of all is money. You need a lot of money to make your dreams come true, enough to take care of yourself and your family the way you always wanted. And right now, it seems like those dreams are impossible.

Living the Dream: Join Global Citizen Life Society and Make Your International Dreams a Reality!

Live the Life of Your Dreams: Unlock the Benefits of Global Citizen Life Society Membership for Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Get the quality of life, weather and healthcare you deserve by living in a different culture and lifestyle

Take the guesswork out of starting your journey to your dream with the right residency

Get access to the right people and resources to make your dream a reality

Overcome fear and doubt and gain confidence in your journey

Spend more time doing what you want and less time working

Live the Life of Your Dreams: Unlock the Benefits of Global Citizen Life Society Membership for Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Transform your wildest dreams into your everyday reality

– Live in a place with better weather and experience the culture and language of the new country

– Take control of your destiny and make your dream a reality

– Find the money, time, and energy to make it happen

– Eliminate the need to depend on factors outside of your control

– Take charge of your own success and make your dream a reality

Don’t know the right people or belong to the “right club“

– Access all the resources and contacts you need to make it happen

– Create a network of contacts and resources to pursue your dream with confidence

– Live the lifestyle you want in the country you want

– Live a life of freedom and opportunity without sacrificing your dream

– Create a life of freedom and opportunity to pursue your dream abroad.

Now, that’s a tall promise, and at this point you might be asking…

Who Is Sally Pederson And Why Should I Listen To Her?

As someone who has lived in five countries, visited over 45, owned property in three, and owned a business in multiple countries, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with entrepreneurs looking to move abroad and transform their wildest dreams into their everyday reality. With over a decade of experience, I have learned a lot about how to make this process as seamless and successful as possible. I have a great understanding of the cultural, legal, and business nuances of the countries I’ve been to, and I am uniquely qualified to help entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get With The “Global Citizen Life Society Membership”

Benefits of GCL Society

GCL Society Monthly Newsletter ($97 Value)

This newsletter makes it simple for you to stay on top of your game by bringing together a comprehensive mix of personal development, global insights, real estate knowledge, diverse investment strategies, and practical financial advice in one concise, monthly newsletter.

Efficiently plan your life and finances with a worldly perspective, tapping into new markets, and embracing a lifestyle that aligns with your ambitions—without the overwhelm of researching and vetting information from multiple disjointed sources.

Claim the freedom and confidence to design the life you’ve dreamed of, abroad or at home, powered by knowledge and resources that set you ahead. Every issue acts as your personal advisor, easing the burden of decision-making and igniting the excitement that comes with discovering the world’s best-kept secrets for living a fulfilling, enriched, and prosperous life.

GCL Community ($97 Value)

This private community holds the keys to connect with a like-minded community, engaging in discussions, sharing insights, and gaining support from peers who are also navigating the nuances of global living, investing, and personal development.

Expand your network, learn from the experiences of others, and form valuable connections that can lead to new opportunities, friendships, and collaborative ventures, all within a trusted and exclusive environment.

Feel a sense of belonging to a community that ‘gets it’—where you are understood, supported, and encouraged to grow. It’s not just about accessing information; it’s about being part of a collective journey, enhancing both your personal and professional life through shared wisdom and camaraderie.

Founding Member Status ($297 Value)

This VIP Client Promotion makes it easy to access a range of educational and networking opportunities at a reduced cost, opening the door to continuous learning and community engagement without the financial strain.

Prioritize your personal and professional development by participating in more events and courses that can propel you forward. The affordability aspect ensures that you’re always in a position to take advantage of growth opportunities as they arise.

Finally be able to invest in yourself and your future without hesitation, knowing that you’re not only saving money but also enhancing your skills and connections. It’s about making progress towards your goals more attainable and feeling the thrill of advancement without the burden of high costs. It’s a stepping stone to achieving your dreams with financial savvy and confidence.


Exclusive Networking Opportunities ($97 Value)

This networking opportunity is the secret to o forge valuable connections with professionals, thought leaders, and like-minded individuals in exclusive settings that are conducive to meaningful interactions and potential collaborations.

Significantly expand your personal and professional network, giving you access to a community of individuals who can offer insights, partnerships, and opportunities that are not readily available to the general public.

Finally be able to feel the confidence and excitement that comes with being part of an elite network. The relationships and alliances you form can be the catalyst for achieving your goals, whether they are to grow a business, diversify your investments, or simply enrich your life with supportive, ambitious friendships. You’re not just building a network; you’re unlocking a world of possibilities.

Private Q & A Sessions ($297 Value)

This Q & A Session gives you the keys to receive direct answers to your most pressing questions from experts and leaders in the field, ensuring you’re equipped with the best information to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and investments.

Bypass the uncertainty and confusion that often comes with navigating international living and investing. By having the opportunity to ask questions and get personalized advice, you’ll be able to move forward with clarity and precision.

Finally be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your unique concerns are addressed and that you’re not alone in this journey. Every quarter brings a new opportunity to gain insights that can fundamentally influence your success and happiness, fostering a feeling of empowerment and connection to a network of wisdom.

Exclusive Content Requests ($297 Value)

This founding members exclusive is the shortcut to influence the content agenda, ensuring that the topics covered are directly tailored to your interests, challenges, and the specific information you need to succeed in your global lifestyle and investment endeavors.

Get personalized content that feels like it was crafted just for you, providing a more relevant and engaging experience. You have a say in what you learn about, guaranteeing that the material is not just informative but also immediately applicable to your situation.

Finally be able to feel a sense of agency and influence over the resources that shape your decisions and directions. You’re not just a passive consumer of information; you’re an active participant in a community that values and responds to your input. It’s an empowering realization that your voice has power and your specific needs are being addressed, leading to a more tailored and satisfying journey towards your personal and professional aspirations.


Total Value: $1,182

But today, you’re getting all of this…


And You’ll Also Get

The Ultimate Plan B Guide
($397 Value)

Embrace the security and freedom of an international lifestyle with ‘The Ultimate Plan B Guide,’ exclusively available to our founding members. This essential guide simplifies the process of creating a robust Plan B, providing you with a clear, step-by-step blueprint to establish residency, acquire citizenship, and manage your finances globally with ease. Beyond just a contingency plan, it’s a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding your future, granting you the confidence to make informed decisions that ensure your family’s well-being and financial prosperity. With this guide in hand, you’re not just preparing for the uncertainties of tomorrow; you’re actively shaping a more resilient and liberated life today.

Ultimate Guide to World Healthcare Systems: Executive Insights ($297 Value)


Ensure your health is in trusted hands wherever you roam with our ‘Ultimate Guide to World Healthcare Systems: Executive Insights,’ another exclusive perk for our founding members. This report is your key to understanding and accessing top-tier healthcare around the globe, providing detailed insights into the countries with the best medical services, insurance options, and cost-effective care for expatriates and travelers. It’s not just a guide; it’s your peace of mind, distilled into pages that help you make the best choices for your well-being. With this report, you’re not just preparing for the unexpected; you’re securing your most valuable asset—your health—in a way that supports a life of freedom and exploration, safeguarded by the best healthcare the world has to offer.

Affluent & Affordable Almanac: Living Luxuriously for Less ($197 Value)

Unlock the secrets to cost-effective global living with our ‘Affluent & Affordable Almanac: Living Luxuriously for Less’, a special bonus for our founding members. This invaluable resource delves into the most affordable destinations where you can enjoy a rich quality of life without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to retire comfortably, start a new life abroad, or simply explore the world more economically, this eBook serves as your compass to navigating the best locales that offer both financial practicality and an enchanting lifestyle. By joining us as a founding member, you gain insider knowledge that paves the way for a life of adventure and sustainability, all while preserving your financial health and expanding your horizons.

And of course you’re fully protected with our…

30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Imagine living a life of comfort and relaxation without the worry of how you’ll pay for it! With the “Global Citizen Life Society Membership,” we guarantee that you will be able to make your dreams of life abroad a reality, even if they seem impossible right now. If this Membership fails to show you how to do this, then we will give you your money back – no questions asked, and no hard feelings!

Transform Your Dreams Into Reality: Become a Global Citizen and Live the Life You Want with Global Citizen Life Society Membership!

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to

Here’s Everything You Get Today

Total Value $2,073

But today, you’re getting all of this…

For Only $27/month

Take the first step towards living the life of your dreams – register now and start making your wildest dreams a reality in no time! Unlock the exclusive membership and bonuses that will help you make your dreams come to life, and be on your way to an extraordinary life abroad. Don’t wait – seize this opportunity now and take control of your destiny! To your success!


Sally Pederson

PS: Do you have a dream of living abroad? Do you yearn for a life you’ve only ever dreamed about? Global Citizen Life Society Membership is the answer. For just $27 a month, you can transform your wildest dreams into your everyday reality.

This offer is not to be missed. Don’t pass it up and regret it later. Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who’s “been there and done that” when it comes to international living and global diversification. With this membership, you can live a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle, take care of yourself and your family, and choose the right country for you – all without having to worry about how you’re going to pay for it.

Say goodbye to regret and hello to the life of your dreams. Get your Global Citizen Life Society Membership now and make your wildest dreams a reality! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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