Unfavorable Taxes, But high Profitability Business

Thomas is a business consultant who runs multiple businesses. This year he is leveraging his contacts in India to start 2 new businesses using call center employees from major multinationals to do other work.

You will find Tom’s roofing, consulting, and accounting businesses

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Global Citizen Life is a boutique consulting firm where we help retirees, entrepreneurs, and business owners diversify their life so they can legally reduce their taxes to zero or single digits 💰, obtain multiple citizenships and residencies, accumulate international investments, protect their assets, and make more money 💵, all while living in a country or countries of their choice. So that they enjoy a better, higher quality of life and are not under the control of any one single government.


Maximize your wealth management, protect your assets, and gain location independence with International Money Mastery. You can legally reduce your taxes to zero or single digits, obtain multiple citizenships and residencies, and protect your assets. With this book, you can create bullet-proof financial and personal wealth that lasts a lifetime. Stop giving your hard-earned money away to the government and gain true personal freedom. Buy now and reclaim your freedom!  https://www.amazon.com/International-Money-Mastery-Residencies-Citizenships-ebook/dp/B0C4J1M43Q

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I interview successful business owners about how they built their wealth and keep their money. We talk about taxes, profitability and keeping more of your money. We also discuss asset protection, international investing, and global diversification. We talk about the success and the challenges they have had on a business level and a personal level. The goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners diversify their life so they can legally reduce their taxes to zero or single digits, protect their assets, accumulate international investments, and obtain multiple citizenships and residencies – all giving more personal freedom. www.GlobalCitizenLife.org to apply.

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