How a tiny advert 20 years ago continues to change lives.

Simon Cooper grew up in the English town of Dunstable, just a little to the north of London. After completing school in the mid-80s he joined Lloyds Bank. It was great for many years, being a numbers person and all that but towards the end of the century, it started to become more and more like a shop needing salesmen rather than thinkers. A tiny advert in a travel magazine for a teaching project being set up in the Paraguayan countryside changed his life forever. He packed up and headed to Piribebuy, Paraguay.  He now has a bit of land, a built a house and as of this month has called Paraguay home for 20 years.

He has built up a good network of local friends and had time to explore much of the country. For the past 3 years, he has been putting his thoughts and knowledge down in a blog


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