From Italy to Germany and The Challenges Getting Dual Citizenship

Cristiano Bellucci aims to grow business through technology and innovation. Cristiano’s passion for coaching was ignited when he taught and coached students at the University of Rome, Italy, and Bradford University, UK. He is passionate about supporting solopreneurs and small companies to find their way and grow their businesses. With a Masters’s in Computer Engineering and an MBA as well as a Master’s in NLP, he has worked for companies including Lycos, Sony, and Trenitalia.

Currently, Cristiano is the Technology Vision Strategist at Fujitsu with a mission to drive the company’s long-term vision. He is the founder of, which helps small businesses to launch and grow their activities. Combining extensive experience in software development, project and product management, and NLP, he coaches teams to create innovative products and improve their performance. Currently based in Munich, Germany, he is trilingual and is fluent in English, Italian, and German.


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Global Citizen Life is a podcast hosted by Sally Pederson, a #1 International Bestselling Author and a beacon for global living and diversification. We are more than a consulting firm; we are a movement toward embracing a life without borders. Our mission is to empower high-achieving entrepreneurs and business owners to diversify their lives, enabling them to live freely in their chosen countries while optimizing their financial independence.

In our podcast, we delve into the journeys of individuals who have ventured abroad or are aspiring to do so. We explore their business successes, personal challenges, and the intricate process of moving to another country. Our conversations shed light on the realities of ‘starting over,’ offering insights into the true essence of living abroad beyond mainstream media’s portrayals. Through these stories, we aim to inspire and equip entrepreneurs and business owners with the knowledge and strategies needed to diversify their lives, achieve significant tax savings, and embrace the freedom of a global citizen lifestyle while enhancing their financial prosperity.

Join us as we explore the pathways to becoming a global citizen, offering expert guidance and real-life experiences to inspire and equip you to make the world your home. Whether you’re looking to expand your horizons, protect your assets, or simply live a life of freedom and adventure, Global Citizen Life is your compass to navigating the complexities of a global lifestyle.


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