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190.00 USD - 1 hour

Deep Dive Into Your Expat Life: Your Exclusive One-Hour Cappuccino Chat

Step into a world of clarity and confidence with our one-hour Cappuccino Chat, a comprehensive, one-on-one session designed to navigate the complexities of your expat journey. Tailored to address your primary challenge, this immersive consultation offers a deep dive into the nuances of living abroad, ensuring you’re equipped to make informed, confident decisions for yourself and your family.

I’m looking forward to talking with you!

A Comprehensive Exploration of Expat Challenges

Our hour together is an opportunity to explore in depth:

Tailored Support for Your Unique Journey

This Cappuccino Chat goes beyond a simple conversation; it’s a comprehensive support package that includes:

Dedicate this time to transforming your expat experience. With personalized advice, strategic insights, and the support of someone who’s been in your shoes, you’re not just preparing for a move—you’re paving the way for a successful, enriching life abroad. Let’s embark on this journey together, ensuring every step is taken with confidence and clarity.


Please note the times are in 24-hour clock.
The booking system automatically changes to your time zone. It’s always important to check and make sure, especially if you use a VPN. If necessary, you can use the drop-down box to change it to your location.
Just choose the day and time that suits you and let the system will do the rest.
If you can’t see a time that works for you (as I am in various time zones) please email me – info@globalcitizenlife.org – and I’m sure we can work something out just for you.


"The Cappuccino Chat was an enlightening experience. We dove deep into the challenges and opportunities of expat life, leaving me with a clear action plan. Highly recommend for anyone serious about moving abroad."

Kaitlyn Barnes

"Our one-hour session was transformative. I came in feeling overwhelmed about moving my family overseas, but left with confidence and a solid plan. The Cappuccino Chat is an invaluable investment for potential expats."

Melissa Flamez


  • Time Zone Conflicts: If you’re struggling with finding a suitable time due to time zone differences, please email me at info@globalcitizenlife.org We’ll coordinate to find a convenient time for both of us.

  • Free Consultations: Unfortunately, I no longer offer free consultations to avoid encounters with time-wasters. However, I’m keen to understand and address your needs. Please reach out via email to explore how I can assist you.

Yes, there are certain areas I don’t handle, mainly due to legal restrictions:

  • Visa Applications: While I suggest consulting your destination’s official government website for visa information, I can sometimes provide contacts for legal advice.

  • Housing Searches: I’m not a real estate agent, but I can connect you with professionals in home buying and international mortgages.

  • Job Searches: Finding employment abroad falls outside my scope of services.

My location varies, impacting my time zone. The booking calendar automatically adjusts to show times in your time zone. Please ensure you’ve selected the correct time zone next to the calendar for accurate scheduling.

I offer guidance across a broad spectrum of expat life challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Clarifying your relocation options and aiding your decision-making process.

  • Offering a brainstorming partner who deeply understands expat life.
  • Building confidence in your family-related decisions.

  • Providing emotional support and strategies to overcome overwhelm.

  • Managing homesickness and expat guilt.

  • Preparing your children for the move and helping them adjust.

  • Advising on educational choices.

  • Sharing insights on moving abroad, living overseas, and repatriating.

  • Making referrals to additional resources when necessary.

If your concern isn’t listed, please email me before booking to discuss how I can help.

We use Zoom for our meetings. After booking, you’ll receive an email with a unique entry code and link. It’s essential to check your email address for accuracy to ensure you receive this information.

  • Preparation: I recommend downloading the Zoom app from the Zoom Download Center ahead of our meeting to prevent any delays. Make sure your microphone is working and have your questions/topic prepared.

  • Joining the Meeting: Simply click the provided link at the scheduled time, and I’ll be there to assist you.


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